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November 21, 2022

Tribute to one of our Great Missouri Fox Trotter Champions Sally Scott

Foxtrotter Trail Horse is proud to announce that we have acquired a Missouri Fox Trotter Stallion from one of the Missouri Fox Trotter Horse Breed Associations all time best versatility competitors! Sally Scott and her years of showing excellent horses at Ava have won her numerous World Grand Championships.  Sally was inducted to the MFTHBA Hall of Fame in 2007 for her contributions and titles in versatility events at the MFTHBA shows.  Duane has bred and produced an excellent herd of Fox Trotting Horses.  Through a thoughful breeding program he has produced solid, athletic Missouri foxtrotters with excellent  minds, that have proven they are above the average horse.  Sally and her husband Duane Scott have trained Quarter Horses as well as Fox Trotter Cutting and Ranch Horses.  The Scott family was blessed with two children and both continue to ride and use horses on their farms.  Thanks to her many years of showing exactly what a foxtrotter can do in the reining, cutting, and versatility world we have something to try to emulate. While aspiring to emulate Sally is a tall order, we also have the blood lines to produce working horses that have the capability to be great working horses!  The Traveling One has produced many offspring for the Scott’s and we plan to continue to use and produce foals from this outstanding horse!




Rafter M Training Stables in Thayer Missouri is proud to announce we have The Traveling One standing at stud. You will find his blood lines are excellent. We are proud and honored to have The Traveling One standing at Rafter M Training Stables!  Thank you Duane and Sally Scott!


The Traveling One

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