Foxtrotter Trail Horse
November 23, 2022

Horse Training Tips

Horse Training Tips by Mike Meizler at Rafter M Training Stables.

Please enjoy the you tube videos with tips for breaking a two year old horse or working with a problem horse.  The video’s are following the training of Black Cat a coming two year old Missouri Foxtrotter Stallion.

The First is the most important thing you will do with your horse no matter the age and experience level of your horse.  Direct and Drive.

The Second is flexing your horse.  Create a soft supple horse that is responsive to your commands.  This is also a one rein stop that is essential in every tool box for emergency situations on your horse.

The Third is working with a tarp with direct and drive.

The Fourth is getting your horse over obstacles with direct and drive.

The Fifth is putting the saddle on your horse for the first time.

The Sixth is creating a horse that will stand to mount.

The Seventh is checking your work with the saddle on by using direct and drive.

The Eight is showing how the horse responded to all of the training so far this day.

The Ninth is riding over the tarp and teeter totter for the first time after having used direct and drive from the ground.

The Tenth is Backing and Stopping your horse.

We hope that you learn from these horse training tips and we welcome any questions that you might have.  Please contact us and we will be happy to help you on your journey with your horse.  We specialize in colt starting of Missouri Foxtrotter Gaited Horses.  If you would like to purchase Mike’s DVD which is “The Beginning Steps to a Reliable Trail Horse” it is now available $20.00 including shipping!









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