Foxtrotter Trail Horse
November 20, 2022

Arkansas Missouri Hands on Horse Care

Hello Everyone!  Joy has just been certified in Level 1 Master Class in Equine Body Checkups.  This is a program with Dr Renee Tucker, DVM of Tucker Biokinetic.  This enables us to do body checkups and determine if your horse is in pain and help to solve the problems associated with that pain.  Joy will be continuing her education with the 2 day seminar planned in Thayer, Missouri in November 2019.  Dr. Tucker is coming to Thayer, Missouri to do the training and we are super excited to have her travel to our state.  There are still some open spaces in the 2 day seminar and you are welcome to sign up on her website to attend.

This hands on technique of evaluating pain and dysfunction is amazing.  The goal of  theTucker Biokinetic technique is to help your horse remain free of discomfort and pain, and enjoy the ful range of movement of which his magnificent body is capable.  This technique is meant as a sensible plan of action for maintaining your horse’s physical health and general happiness while relieving you of stress and worry about your horse.

Common symptoms that can indicate discomfort or pain include Behavioral symptoms as well as performance symptoms.  Examples of behavioral symptoms include: Crow-hopping, bucking, or rearing.  As well as a bad attitude when being caught or ridden.  Stable vices such as weaving, stall walking, and cribbing.  Examples of Performance symptoms include, lack of coordination in gaits, lameness that seems to move from limb to limb and stiffness coming out of the stall.  As well as warming up to slowly, shying excessively, not traveling straight and the inability to engage the hind-quarters.

As many of your know we are very strong advocates of having teeth floated on a regular basis.  This if not performed causes the horse to freeze his jaw to avoid pain.  This also causes a lack of flexion in the poll, which promotes stiffness and eventually subluxations all the way down the back.

If you are thinking about your horse and would like to have the body checkups performed on your horse give Joy a call at 417-280-2219 and we will check out your equine friends!  Joy has  new website  Check out the new website and leave comments or questions and Joy will be happy to hear from you!  Feel free to follow along as we learn more and more in the Tucker Biokinetic Technique!