Foxtrotter Trail Horse
November 21, 2022

Announcing Horses For Sale in 2020! Watch the progress each month!

We are excited to announce we have one stud colt that we have just started!  (2018) We hope you will watch the progress and accomplishments this next year!  We will post videos of the training and events and hope that you will decide he will be your forever horse!  This horse will be in constant training. He was enrolled in Foxtrot  He is a two year horse. (2020 he is now 3) He is Black, and a registered Missouri Foxtrotter.  He was hand picked by us for this particular purpose.  We want you to see just how far a two year old can come in a year and a half.  The horse will compete in sortings, shows, trail and other events.  He will also be a cattle working horse and will be used at Ozark Regional Stockyards penning cattle.  These are very versatile horses and we will show you that Foxtrotter horses can be your one horse for every need.  Come back often and watch the progress monthly.  Also, we will post videos and progress on our facebook pages Foxtrotter Trail horse and Rafter M Training Stables. We look forward to this journey and hope you will follow along!! I will also be adding  papers to the website for you to see.  He still has some winter coat and will slick up this summer!  Comments are welcome on the comment section at the bottom of our pages!

Update on Dandy’s Black Cat, September 2018 Black Cat was crowned World Champion in the first Team Sorting at Ava, Missouri in the 60th Anniversary World Show and Celebration.  Mike and Black Cat and Ross Harper and Spit’s Coal Train defeated over 250 teams to win the Team Sorting Championship.  Black Cat accomplished this amazing feat during his two year old year with an amazing amount of poise and confidence!  We are so very proud of their accomplishment!!!